Racism is alive and well in the world today. For some on the receiving end, it is so ingrained in daily life that they are resigned to it – racist occurrences are the default mode. For others, and in particular many white people, it does not even cross their mind because it doesn’t affect them negatively – it is somebody else’s problem. White privilege is also alive and well and many white people are unaware that the simple courtesies that they  take for granted every day are not available to others in society simply because of their skin colour. In the media and in history, the preference has been to celebrate and reward white personalities and to push black history and non-white celebrities into the background.

The idea of this blog is to tell stories of how racism affects people and makes them feel, and to challenge those with preconceived ideas and prejudices to stop, think, and reconsider. We will also be highlighting positive stories of people who should have been given recognition in the past, but were denied this because of their skin colour.

Constructive discussion is welcomed but outright abuse and blatant racism will not be tolerated.


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